Index of STEP level A and B dances

A_CH_06_06_Gallito Cha III_Langer
A_CH_08_08_Laughter in the Rain_Langer
A_CH_10_06_You must have been a beautiful baby_Langer
A_CH_10_09_I like you Cha III_Langer
A_CH_11_10_007 Cha Cha_Kolshorn
A_CH_11_10_007 Cha Cha_Kolshorn
A_CH_13_11_I like you_Langer
A_CH_13_13_Bandido III_Kolshorn
A_CH_14_08_Shadows in the Moonlight_Langer
A_CH_14_09_Life is a rollercoaster_Langer
A_CH_14_11_Lets get loud_Langer
A_CH_14_12_Boom Boom_Langer
A_CH_14_13_Day Tripper Cha III_Langer
A_CH_14_13_Poco Pelo Cha III_Langer
A_CH_14_14_Its my Party Cha III_Langer
A_CH_14_xx_Africa easy_Geiger
A_CH_17_16_Pardon me Cha III_Langer
A_CH_18_13_Combo Cha Cha III_Kolshorn
A_CH_18_16_Bad Romance_Grob
A_CH_18_17_Big Big World Cha III_Langer
A_CH_19_16_Lets get loud 2008_Langer
A_CH_20_10_Africa Cha. III_Langer
A_CH_20_20_Enamoradome Cha III_Langer
A_CH_21_15_Al No Corrida III_Kolshorn
A_CH_21_16_Pink Cadillac_Burger
A_CH_21_17_Lets get loud 2008_Langer
A_CH_21_17_Para Toda La Vida_Kolshorn
A_CH_21_17_Para Toda La Vida_Kolshorn
A_CH_22_14_Tico Tico Fun Cha_Bress
A_CH_22_xx_Wheels (2)_Schmidt
A_CH_23_12_Well I ask you_Hollmann
A_CH_23_18_Lets Get Loud_Kolshorn
A_CH_23_18_Lets Get Loud_Kolshorn
A_CH_23_18_Makin Whopee Cha III_Langer
A_CH_23_22_Last Night CHA III_Speranzo_Slater
A_CH_23_23_Cha damour Cha III_Langer
A_CH_23_xx_A Night Like This_Langer
A_CH_23_xx_Cry Cry_Hilpert
A_CH_23_xx_Helele Cha_Grob
A_CH_23_xx_Here comes Lolita_Seurer
A_CH_23_xx_I just want to dance with you _Kolshorn
A_CH_23_xx_I just want to dance with you_Kolshorn
A_CH_23_xx_Waka Waka_Voelkl
A_CH_xx_xx_Tico Tico Fun Cha_Bress
A_RB-CH_21_13_Just Another Woman in Love_Speranzo
A_RB_11_10_Can You Feel The Love Tonight III
A_RB_11_10_Can You Feel The Love Tonight_Kolshorn
A_RB_13_07_Noche Messicana Rb III_Langer
A_RB_14_08_All I ask of you_Langer
A_RB_14_09_Best in me_Langer
A_RB_14_10_Do you remember_Langer
A_RB_14_11_I want it that way_Langer
A_RB_14_14_Never my love_Langer
A_RB_15_xx_Love is Blue_Kolshorn
A_RB_17_13_Blessed Are The Believers_Grote
A_RB_17_xx_Blessed Are The Believers_Grote
A_RB_18_XX_Amigos Para Siempre_Geiger
A_RB_19_Do you remember_Burger
A_RB_19_Have yourself a merry little Christmas X-mas_Burger
A_RB_19_Se Feliz (Voces De Navidad) X-mas_Burger
A_RB_19_Somos Novois_Burger
A_RB_20_20_Room with a view Rb III_Langer
A_RB_20_xx_California Girls_Grob
A_RB_21_13_Just Another Woman in Love RB.Cha_Langer
A_RB_21_Starlight Express_Geiger
A_RB_21_xx_I'm Gonna Miss You Girl_Kolshorn
A_RB_23_14_Christmas Auld Lang Syne_Langer
A_RB_23_17_I'm dreaming of a white Christmas_Langer
A_RB_23_20_You lay a whole lot love on me_Langer
A_RB_23_xx_I believe I can fly_Kolshorn
A_RB_23_xx_I Believe I Can Fly_Kolshorn
A_RB_23_xx_I believe I can fly_Kolshorn
A_RB_23_xx_I Can't Wait Until Tonight_Geiger
A_RB_23_xx_Show me the way_Voelkl
A_RB_24_Island In The Stream_Burger
A_RB_27_xx_La Belezza_Hilpert
A_RB_xx_xx_Blessed are the believers_Grote
A_RB_xx_xx_Dont know why_Lankuttis
A_RB_xx_xx_Hello Mexico_Bress
A_RB_xx_xx_Midnight Rendevous_Schlecht
A_RB_xx_xx_Over the Rainbow_Lankuttis
A_RB_xx_xx_Show me the Way_Voelkl
A_RB_xx_xx_Show me the Way_Voelkl
A_RB_xx_xx_Something Stupid_Lankuttis
A_TS_11_10_Sea Of Heartbreak_Rochow
A_TS_12_10_It must be love_Langer
A_TS_12_12_I Just Want My Baby Back_Rochow
A_TS_14_08_One sided love affair_Hollmann
A_TS_14_14 A thing called love_Schidler
A_TS_14_14_Red Red Vine_Rochow
A_TS_14_xx_Carolina Dirt Road_Kolshorn
A_TS_14_xx_Falling Again_Kolshorn
A_TS_14_xx_Miss Marple_Krackau
A_TS_14_XX_We Will Rock You_Geiger Jarmuth
A_TS_15_15_The Blackboard of My Heart_Langer
A_TS_16_12_A Thing Called Love_Schidler
A_TS_16_13_Dance With The One_Ehlers
A_TS_16_13_Miss Marple_Krackau
A_TS_16_15_Blue Blooded Woman_Langer
A_TS_17_14_Bing Bang Boom_Ehlers
A_TS_17_14_Never Be Anyone Else But You_Kolshorn
A_TS_17_14_Never Be Anyone Else But You_Kolshorn
A_TS_17_16_Seven Lonely Days_Langer
A_TS_17_XX_Bumm Bumm Danz_Geiger
A_TS_17_XX_Tweedle Dee Twostep_Geiger
A_TS_18_07_Rollin on your tracks_Langer
A_TS_18_10_Many tears ago (2)_Langer
A_TS_18_10_Many tears ago_Langer
A_TS_18_10_Salte de Espalda_Langer
A_TS_18_13_Honky-Tonk Superman_Langer
A_TS_18_15_Knee Deep_Rochow
A_TS_19_14_MT Pockets_Rochow
A_TS_20_13_Cinncinnati Ohio_Langer
A_TS_21_16_A Dime at a Time_Langer
A_TS_21_18_A Quarter at the time_Langer
A_TS_22_10_One sided love affair_Hollmann
A_TS_22_11_Take Me Home_Rochow
A_TS_22_12_Tall Trees_Kolshorn
A_TS_22_12_Tall Trees_Kolshorn
A_TS_22_14_La Force des femmes_Hollmann
A_TS_22_15_I Don't Care_Kolshorn
A_TS_22_15_I Don't Care_Kolshorn
A_TS_24_08_As you like it II_Hollmann
A_TS_24_18_You Win Again_Rochow
A_TS_24_20_The Unknown Stuntman_Burger
A_TS_25_xx_Daddys Money_Langer
A_TS_25_xx_Daddys Money_Langer
A_TS_25_xx_Dance with the one_Koozer
A_TS_25_xx_Everyday A_Pohl
A_TS_26_10_I`ve got a happy heart_Hollmann
A_TS_26_10_Ive Got a Happy Heart_Hollmann
A_TS_26_11_Rockin' around the Christmas Tree_Langer
A_TS_26_14_Frosty the snowman_Baldry
A_TS_26_15_Break my Mind_Langer
A_TS_26_16_Dance Like You're The Only One_Rochow
A_TS_27_16_I Could Get Used To This Lovin' Thing_Grob
A_TS_27_16_Rock DJ_Grob
A_TS_27_17_Ayo Technology_Voelkl
A_TS_27_17_Dr. Wanna Do_Hollmann
A_TS_27_17_Heaven In My Woman's Eyes_Rochow
A_TS_27_18_Coming home_Hollmann
A_TS_27_18_Under The Sun_Rochow
A_TS_27_21_Good Mornin' Life_Langer
A_TS_27_xx_Ayo Technology_Voelkl
A_TS_27_XX_Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses_Geiger
A_TS_27_XX_I Love You Honey_Geiger
A_TS_27_xx_Silver threads and golden needles_Schidler
A_TS_xx_xx_Ayo Technology_Voelkl
A_TS_xx_xx_Bad Moon Rising_Lankuttis
A_TS_xx_xx_Candy Man_Lankuttis
A_TS_xx_xx_Coming Home_Lankuttis
A_TS_xx_xx_Frosty the snowman_Baldry
A_TS_xx_xx_Frosty the snowman_Baldry
A_TS_xx_xx_Keep on running_Grob
A_TS_xx_xx_Kentucky Steppin_Bress
A_TS_xx_xx_Miss Marple_Krackau
A_TS_xx_xx_Miss Marple_Krackau
A_TS_xx_xx_Nah Neh Nah Nah_Schlecht
A_TS_xx_xx_Not Fair_Guenther
A_TS_xx_xx_Sugar Twostep_Bress
A_TS_xx_xx_Waving flag_Voelkl
A_WZ_07_07_Lollipops and Roses_Langer
A_WZ_08_xx_Arizona Waltz_Kolshorn
A_WZ_09_08_Some where between_Hollmann
A_WZ_09_09_Hanna and Angel_Langer
A_WZ_09_09_Trying to forget_Hollmann
A_WZ_12_07_You light up my life_Langer
A_WZ_12_10_The Angels Cried_Rochow
A_WZ_12_10_Watching the night_Langer
A_WZ_12_12_David's Song_Hollmann
A_WZ_12_12_I'd Love You All Over Again_Rochow
A_WZ_12_12_Plaisir d'amour_Langer
A_WZ_17_11_Pandoras Smile_Langer
A_WZ_17_11_The sweet heart tree_Hollmann
A_WZ_17_12_It's four in the moring_Ross
A_WZ_17_12_It's Four In The Morning_Ross
A_WZ_17_13_Indian Love Call_Schmidt
A_WZ_17_13_The Twelfth of Never_Langer
A_WZ_17_14_Vento Caldo_Langer
A_WZ_17_16_The Sweetheart Tree_Langer
A_WZ_18_11_Shadows And Light_Schmidt
A_WZ_18_11_Shadows and light_Schmidt
A_WZ_18_12_There Goes My Reason_Marshall
A_WZ_18_12_Trying to forget_Hollmann
A_WZ_19_14_Under the bridges of Paris_Hollmann
A_WZ_19_14_Under the bridges of Paris_Hollmann
A_WZ_19_xx_Under the Bridges of Paris_Hollmann
A_WZ_20_14_Kiss in The Dark_Ehlers
A_WZ_20_19_Petit Minuetto_Langer
A_WZ_21_13_All Kinds Of Everything_Rochow
A_WZ_21_16_Tag in Berlin_Grob
A_WZ_21_19_A Robin's song_Kolshorn
A_WZ_21_19_A Robin's song_Kolshorn
A_WZ_23_14_Sunrise Sunset_Ehlers
A_WZ_23_15_Jacalyn's Waltz_Ehlers
A_WZ_23_16_Waltz With Me_Harris
A_WZ_23_17_The End of the world_Grob
A_WZ_23_17_Written In The Stars_Rochow
A_WZ_23_19_Candle On The Water_Froese
A_WZ_23_19_Tonight's my Night_Lankuttis
A_WZ_23_19_When you believe_Grob
A_WZ_23_29_Candle on the water_Froese
A_WZ_23_xx_Four Walls_CroftDeZordo
A_WZ_23_xx_If you dont know me by now_Pohl
A_WZ_24_16_Could I Have This Dance_Ehlers
A_WZ_24_16_Romancing Waltz_Schecht
A_WZ_24_16_Romancing Waltz_Schlecht
A_WZ_24_19_Gondola d Amore_Hollmann
A_WZ_25_20_Vaya Con Dios_Kolshorn
A_WZ_25_20_Vaya Con Dios_Kolshorn
A_WZ_25_20_Vaya con dios_Kolshorn
A_WZ_25_xx_I'll Forgive But I'll Never Forget_Kolshorn
A_WZ_26_14_All Night_Jaeb
A_WZ_26_15_I'm So Lonesome_Ehlers
A_WZ_26_18_If you dont know me by now_Burger
A_WZ_26_23_Gotham City_Rochow
A_WZ_26_xx_Blue Sky_Kolshorn
A_WZ_29_xx_Christmas brings the child out in me_Speranzo
A_WZ_xx_xx_Tennesse Waltz_Lankuttis
A_WZ_xx_xx_The last Waltz_Lankuttis
A_WZ_xx_xx_Waltz with me_Bress
B_CH_07_04_Step into Christmas_Langer
B_CH_07_xx_Todo 3_Rotscheid
B_CH_08_01_Bahama Mama_Voelkl
B_CH_08_01_Sugar Sugar III_Bress
B_CH_08_02_Waka Waka_Voelkl
B_CH_08_xx_I Just Want To Dance With You_Kolshorn
B_CH_08_xx_Running bear_Klein
B_CH_10_xx_It's so easy Cha_Rotscheid
B_CH_12_09_El Sonador_Langer
B_CH_xx_xx_Celebration Cha_Lankuttis
B_CH_xx_xx_Dont be Stupid_Lankuttis
B_Cha_11_16_Trouble is a friend_Burger
B_Cha_11_20_Dont Gimme That_Burger
B_JI_17_xx_Sunflower III_Oetelaar
B_JI_20_xx_If Bubba can dance_Koozer
B_JI_20_xx_Little Deuce Coupe_Koozer
B_JI_20_xx_The Big One_Koozer
B_JI_20_xx_Why did it have to be me_Callen
B_JV_15_08_The Birds and the Bees_Langer
B_JV_15_09_Miss Kiss Kiss Bang_Langer
B_JV_15_13_Tumbling Dice_Langer
B_JV_18_14_Think it over_Langer
B_JV_18_16_Looking for love_Langer
B_JV_18_16_Looking for love_Langer
B_JV_20_17_Christmas Rock_Langer
B_JV_20_17_Seven Little Girls_Geiger
B_RB_05_xx_Quit playing games_Langer
B_RB_06_04_Noche de Paz_Langer
B_RB_06_xx_Can't Wait Until Tonight_Geiger Jarmuth
B_RB_08_02_Change the World_Langer
B_RB_08_04_To go beyond_Langer
B_RB_08_05_Liberian Girl_Langer
B_RB_08_05_Tropical Christmas_Langer
B_RB_11_08_Isnt it a wonder_Langer
B_RB_11_Read All About It Part III_Burger
B_RB_xx_xx_All that I need_LangerSchidler
B_TS_00_01_Do I have to draw a picture_Langer
B_TS_03_02_Daddys Money_Langer
B_TS_08_xx_Silver Threads and Golden Needles_Schidler
B_TS_08_xx_Waving Flag_Voelkl
B_TS_10_04_All I want for Christmas_Langer
B_TS_10_08_Hands of time_Langer
B_TS_12_xx_Berliner Luft_Krackau
B_TS_12_xx_I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas_Pohl
B_TS_12_xx_Let it snow_Hichman
B_TS_14_xx_Singin the Blues_Hilpert
B_TS_15_xx_If the devil danced_Wilhoit
B_TS_15_xx_Sweet Caroline_Apostal
B_TS_16_xx_Lemon Tree_Voelkl
B_TS_17_06_Feliz ano nuevo_Langer
B_TS_17_xx_Oh Oh_Seurer
B_TS_18_xx_Barbara Ann_Dunn
B_TS_18_xx_Please dont talk about me when Im gone_Schappacher
B_TS_18_xx_Splish Splash_Dunn
B_TS_19_04_Merry Texas Christmas_Langer
B_TS_19_07_Black and White Rag_Langer
B_TS_19_08_Meet me under the Mistletoe_Langer
B_TS_19_08_Two-steppin Texas Blue_Langer
B_TS_19_19_Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer Carrell_Burger
B_TS_20_04_Trying to find Atlantis_Langer
B_TS_20_05_Son of the South_Langer
B_TS_20_07_Aqui en tu piel_Langer
B_TS_21_05_I like it I love it_Langer
B_WZ_02_xx_Jacalyn's Waltz_Wilhoit
B_WZ_02_xx_The Last Waltz_Baldwin
B_WZ_02_xx_Thorn Birds_Ritchie
B_WZ_03_xx_Old Time Christmas_Pilachowski
B_WZ_03_xx_Someone must feel like a fool tonight_Lukert
B_WZ_03_xx_What the world needs now II_Vogt
B_WZ_04_xx_Could I have this dance_Eddins
B_WZ_04_xx_Doggie in the Window_Goode
B_WZ_05_xx_Tennessee Waltz Exercise_Seurer
B_WZ_05_xx_Tennessee Waltz_Seurer
B_WZ_05_xx_Together Hand in Hand_Patzelt
B_WZ_08_05_Way of love_Langer
B_WZ_08_08_The Way I am_Langer
B_WZ_09_06_Conquest of Paradise_Langer
B_WZ_09_06_Onedin Line_Langer
B_WZ_09_07_Summer Waltz_Langer
B_WZ_09_xx_A Love Idea_Hilpert
B_WZ_10_01_Christmas Bride_Langer
B_WZ_10_05_Bygone Days_Langer
B_WZ_10_09_Closest Thing to Crazy_Langer
B_WZ_10_xx_So good in love_Glenn
C_RB_xx_xx_Unterm Flauchersteg_Kiendl
C_TS_22_19_Ich wuensch mir eine kleine Miezekatze_Burger
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