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Welcome to the ROUND DANCE Server. This server provides you with Round Dance relevant information. Lots of dances are available.

What is Round Dance?

Cue Sheets Online

Lots of cue sheets are available on this server. Right now we have about 680 dances with head cues, and about 100 dances with full cue sheet (fine print).

Cue sheets (head cues)

There are 2 ways to access to the cue sheets. Either you use the full alphabetical index. Or you also may try the indices by phase and rhythm.

Cue sheets by phase:

Cue sheets by rhythm:

Full Cue Sheets (fine prints)

In contrast to the quick cues, which usually are used by the cuer for cueing to the music, the fine prints give all information about the dance. Every step, all directions and the timing are explained in detail in the fine prints. This is the basis to teach a dance. For full cue sheets a special notation is used. Usually it is very hard to get fine prints in digital form, because only the choreographer has them. So if you happen to have a fine print on your computer, you are welcome to submit this to the server.


Dances within the ECTA Structured Education Program (STEP) level A, B, C

Roundalab Phase Rating System

How can I submit a cue sheet to the Round Dance Server?

New submissions and updates (last 4 weeks):

Ace in the HoleCha-Cha/2-StepIII
Honey muffins2-StepII
Honey on the vineFoxIV+1
Hooked on swingMixedIV
Yo MamaJiveIV

We also have some new Full Cue Sheets (Fine Prints):

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To submit new cue sheets or other ideas/suggestions, send e-mail to:

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