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Welcome to the ROUND DANCE Server. This server provides you with Round Dance relevant information. Lots of dances are available.

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Lots of cue sheets are available on this server. Right now we have about 680 dances with head cues, and about 100 dances with full cue sheet (fine print).

Cue sheets (head cues)

There are 2 ways to access to the cue sheets. Either you use the full alphabetical index. Or you also may try the indices by phase and rhythm.

Cue sheets by phase:

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Full Cue Sheets (fine prints)

In contrast to the quick cues, which usually are used by the cuer for cueing to the music, the fine prints give all information about the dance. Every step, all directions and the timing are explained in detail in the fine prints. This is the basis to teach a dance. For full cue sheets a special notation is used. Usually it is very hard to get fine prints in digital form, because only the choreographer has them. So if you happen to have a fine print on your computer, you are welcome to submit this to the server.


Dances within the ECTA Structured Education Program (STEP) level A, B, C

Roundalab Phase Rating System

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New submissions and updates (last 4 weeks):

Ace in the HoleCha-Cha/2-StepIII
AdelineSlow 2-StepVI
Adios AmigoRhumbaIII+2
Aint Cha Glad2-StepII+1
Aint she sweet2-StepII
Allright you winJiveVI
All alone am I Slow 2-StepV+1
All alone am I Slow 2-StepV
All alone am ISlow 2-StepV+1
All I ask of youRhumbaIV
All NightWaltzII
All shook up2-StepII
Almost BoleroBoleroIII+2
Amor ChaCha-ChaV
And I love you soRhumbaV
Anniversary WaltzWaltzII
Another Woman RhumbaRhumbaIV+2
Answer MeWaltzIII
Apron Strings2-StepII
A continental goodnight2-Step/QuickstepIII
A little less talkJiveIV+2
A slow summer windSlow 2-StepIV
A song in the night2-StepII+1
A summer placeSlow 2-StepV+1
A Taste of the Wind2-StepII 2
Babys blue jeansCha-ChaIII+1
Baby mine2-StepII
Beautiful RhumbaRhumbaIV+1
Beautiful SundayCha-ChaIV+1
Beautiful You2-StepII
Begin the beguine2-StepIII+1
Be my baby tonight2-StepII
Bill Bailey Charleston2-StepII+1
Blowin like a banditCha-ChaIII
Blowin like a bandit22-StepIII
Blue Diamond2-StepII+1
Blue Heaven Whistler2-StepII
Blvds of old NY2-StepII
Born to boogie2-StepII
Bottle it upJiveIV+1
BRs 2step2-StepII
Candy man2-StepII+1
Carousel WaltzWaltzII+2
Castles and kindsWaltzV+1
Catch a falling star 3FoxIV
Chaka ChakaCha-ChaIV+2+1
Change partnersFoxVI
Chattanooga choo chooFoxIII
City boy2-StepII
Cowboys dont cry2-StepII+2
Cowboys rides away2-StepII
Crying in the RainRhumbaIII+2
Dance with the one2-StepII
Dancing dreaming2-StepII
Dancing queenCha-ChaIV+1
Delta finesseJiveV
Devil in disguiseRhumbaIII
Doctor Time2-StepII
Dont be cruel2-StepII
Dont forbid meFox/JiveIII+1
Dont rock the jukebox 22-StepII+2
Don't rock the Jukebox
Don't turn your backJiveIV
Down at the twist and shout2-StepII+2
Down Mexico WayCha-ChaV+2
Dream awhileWaltzIII
Dream on texas ladyWaltzII+1
Dream TangoTangoV+1+1
Dukes rollFoxIII+1
Either way is OK2-StepII
Esprite d TangoTangoIII
Estuvieras TuRhumbaIV+1
Everythings coming up rosesQuickstepV+2
Fields of goldRhumbaV+1
Five foot two2-StepII+1
Foolish heartWaltzIV
Fools fall in love2-StepII
For you are beautifulFoxIV+1
Foxtrot TonightFoxV
From a Jack to a KingJiveIII+2
From Sarah with Love
Gazpacho ChaCha-ChaIV
Ginny Come BoleroBoleroIII
Glory of love2-StepII+1
Gonna walk that line2-StepII
Hand over your heartCha-ChaIV+1
Happy sambaSambaIV
Heavens just a sin2-StepII
Hey good looking2-StepII+1+1
High on a MountainJiveVI
High on a mountainJiveVI
Hitch hike2-StepIII+2
Hole in my pocket2-StepII+1
Honey muffins2-StepII
Hooked on swingMixedIV
Hustle around2-StepII/V
I'll make your bed2-StepII
IfSlow 2-StepIV+1
If I could write a bookFoxVI
If your heart aint busy tonight2-StepII
If you want to find loveCha-ChaIII
I'll be the OneCha-ChaIII
I'm in a dancing moodQuickstepVI
Indiana beach 2step2-StepII+1
In the gloamin2-StepII
In timeFoxVI
Isle of CapriCha-ChaIV
Isle of Capri 2Cha-ChaIV
Is it over yet2-StepII+1
Is you is my baby2-StepII+2
Is you is my baby 22-StepII+1
Its Cha Cha ChaCha-ChaVI
Its heavenWaltzIII+1
Its so easy ChaCha-ChaIII+2
It must be trueFoxIV
I can helpJiveIV
I dont care2-StepII
I fell in the water2-StepII+1
I gotta jiveJive/FoxIV
I had to be you2-StepII+1
I Love Beach MusicJive/West Coast SwingV
I wanna dance with you 22-StepII
Jacalyns WaltzWaltzII
Jack is back
Japanese soft shoes2-StepII
Just a TangoTangoV
Just another woman in loveRhumbaVI
Just as I amWaltzII
Kentucky steppin2-StepII
King of the roadFox/JiveIII+1
Kiss in the darkWaltzIV+1
Kiss me goodbyeRhumbaVI
Kiss me once again2-StepII+1
Kon Tiki2-StepII+1
Lean baby2-Step/FoxIV
Leroy swingJiveV+2
Let go2-StepII
Let me show you howJiveIV+2
Liebestraum No. 3WaltzV+1
Little Deuce CoupeJiveIII+1
London by nightWaltzVI
Love potion No 9Cha-ChaV+1
Love story RhumbaRhumbaVI
Loving you2-StepII
Macarena Cha
Mack the Knife
Mambo espressoMamboIV+2
Maria Elena WaltzWaltzV+2
Merry go roundCha-ChaIV+1
Miss Peabody BrownQuickstepIII+2
Mountain of LoveJiveIV+
Moving southRhumbaV+2
Mo Jive
Much too young2-StepII+1
Mystic SambaSambaIV+1
My baby 2step2-StepII
My Baby loves lovin'Cha-ChaIV
My blue heaven2-StepII+1
My Claire de LuneRhumbaIV
My Country Gal2-StepII
My GirlCha-ChaIII+2
My heart cries for youWaltzII
My love forgive meBoleroV+1
My song2-StepII
New Orleans ChaCha-ChaIII+1
Nobody's AngelRhumbaIV+2
Non DimenticarRhumbaIII+1
Non DimenticarRhumbaIII+1
Ob-La-Di, ObLaDa
Oceans of love2-StepIII+2
Oh you kid2-StepII
Old fashioned love2-StepII
Old vienna2-StepII
One has my name2-StepII
One Mint JulepWest Coast SwingVI
Open ArmsWaltzIII
Orient Express FoxtrotFoxV
Orient Express FoxFoxV
PA 650002-Step/FoxV
Peek a boo2-StepII
Perfect harmony2-StepII
Piano roll blues2-StepII
Picardy foxtrotFoxVI
Pick a bale of Cotton
Pink cadillacJiveV
Pistol packin mama2-StepII
Polka dots2-StepI+2
Portrait of my loveCha-ChaV+2
Que sera sera2-StepIII+2
Quick and easyQuickstepIII
Rachels songSlow 2-StepIV+1
Rachel's SongSlow 2-StepIV+1
Rainbow foxtrotFox/JiveIV+2
Red Rio Grande RhumbaRhumbaIV
Red Roses for a blue Lady
Reet PetiteJiveV+
Rita Ballou2-StepIII
Rockin 2step2-StepII
Rockin Robin2-StepII+2
Round and Round2-StepIII
Ruby Ann2-StepII
Rub it in ChaCha-ChaIII+1U
Runaround SueJiveVI
Run for the rosesWaltzIV
Santo Catalina JiveJiveIII
San Antonio Rose2-StepII
Sassy Too2-StepII
September moonFox/JiveIV+1
Serenade 4 U
Sex Bomb
Shadow of my mindRhumbaVI
Shake me I rattleWaltzIII+2
Shes a little past 402-StepII
She's my kindFoxIII
Shes not youFoxIV+1
Shimmy ChaCha-ChaIV
Shimmy Cha 2Cha-ChaIII+2
Should I do it
Side by side2-StepII
Sleeping beautyBoleroV
Somebody elses moonWaltzIV+1
Somethin stupidCha-ChaIII
Soul LimboCha-ChaIV
Spanish gypsyPaso-DobleIV
Standing on the cornerFoxV
Strangers in the nightRhumbaIII
Strangers in the night 22-StepIII
Stranger on the shoreFoxIV
Street Fair2-StepII
Stuck on you 22-StepII
Sugar SugarCha-ChaIV+2
Summer wind2-StepII
Sunshine RhumbaRhumbaIII+1
Sway 4 meCha-ChaIV
Swearing in the nightCha-ChaIV+1
Sweet Naomi2-StepII
Take my breath away2-StepIII+2
Technicolor DreamsFoxIV
Tell me about it2-StepII
Tempa JiveJiveV+2
Texas Tattoo2-StepIII
Thatll be the dayJiveIII+2
The bardWaltzV+2
The BardV+2+1
The bug2-StepII
The childrenWaltzV
The Foxtrot WayFoxV
The glowworm2-StepII+1
The lady is a trampQuickstepV+1
The marvellous toy2-StepII+2
The old houseWaltzV
The one you loveWaltzIII
The Poet and IWaltzII
The spinning wheelWaltzIV
Three penny QSQuickstepIV+2
Time wasBolero/RhumbaVI
Travelling man 22-StepII
Travelling mMan2-StepII
Trickle TrickleQuickstepIV
True loveWaltzII+1
Truth about LoveJiveV
Turn the radio on
Tweedle dee 2step2-StepII+1
Twilight time2-StepII
Vaya con diosWaltzII
Walkin my baby back homeFox/JiveIV
Watch out for JackCha-ChaIII+1
Watch over me foxtrotFoxIV+1
Water under the bridge2-StepII
What a day for a daydreamFox/JiveIV
What I'll know then2-StepII
What will be will beWaltzIV+1
When will IWaltzV+2
Where is your heartWaltzV
Who put the bomb2-StepII+1
Why heavent I heared from youJiveV
With or without youWaltzI+2
Woke up in love 22-StepII+1
Woodchoppers BallSingle Swing/QuickstepIII+1
Wouldnt you know2-StepIII+1
Wrap your troubles in dreamsCha-ChaIV+1+1
Yellow birdRhumbaV+1
Yesterdays songCha-ChaIV
Youll never findCha-ChaIV
You cant have it allWaltzII+1
You look so good in loveWaltzII+1
You never know2-StepII
Yo MamaJiveIV

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